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Trash Taxi is a lifecycle management tool that helps reduce configuration drift in your environment, by terminating servers when arbitrary manual commands have been executed on them.

Why would I need this?

We know that manual changes to systems can introduce security and availability issues. But an organization’s observability tooling doesn’t exist at day zero; it grows over time. Often, the tooling gets built as a result of learning how a system responds to issues under load, in production.

Trash Taxi is a way to balance an organization’s need to allow some amount of unrestricted access to a machine, while ensuring that the machine is terminated at a later time. Developers get the information they need, Operations can share responsibility, and Security can sleep (slightly more) soundly at night.

How’s it work?

When a user needs a shell, they run sudo nt (“sudo? more like su dont!” - we’re punny here). A prompt asks the engineer if they’re sure they want to mark the host for later deletion. Then they get their shell.

nt sends the Amazon Instance Identity Document to garbaged, which handles termination. You can schedule trash pickups (terminations) using a variety of methods (cloudwatch events, AWS IoT button, API call).

Wow, that sounds scary!

Trash Taxi ships with a few safety features built in:

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